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Our Host GlenNeta Griffin interviews Assistant Director Shanalyna Palmer, Set Designer Shaniece Williamson and Production Assistant Aigne Morris on their journey into the industry as well what their roles are day to day, and how you can position yourself for success in this industry!

Tales From the Set -Film & TV Still Photographer Guy D'Alema

Guy D'Alema is a prominent photographer for film and television, and in this ongoing series, we break down how he captures his images for various network television shows and other projects... Check out below!

“Kevin (Probably) Saves the World” © ABC : When the day’s work has a change of sets and an actor that you need for a set-up shot is available between scenes you might get everyone to agree to let the still photographer take a staged set-up shot that the network would like for promotional use. This was the case the day I was assigned to the show. Jason Ritter is the ultimate professional, and one of the nicest guys you would ever want to work with. We completed a long scene on a very small jail set built on stage and the crew was moving on to the next set to begin preparing for the next scene on the call sheet. Earlier I had asked Jason if he would be willing to give me a few minutes with him to create some clean staged shots on the jail set. He immediately agreed. After the jail scene was compete and everyone was moving on, Jason came up to me and said, “Let’s get those shots we talked about”. I explained what I was looking to accomplish on this set; he agreed to the several options I wanted to shoot and we went to work. I had already asked the lighting crew to leave the lights burning on the jail set, so everything was in place and this allowed us to quickly shoot the concepts we wanted.


“Black Lightning” © The CW : This image was captured around 2:30 am on the streets of downtown Atlanta for the filming of episode 2 of “Black Lightning”. There was little to no time to stage a photo with Cress (Black Lightning), so I had to grab this shot between takes. I was fighting the clock: between takes, the special effects team was watering down the street for the look Production wanted, while the Make-up and Wardrobe Department were adjusting his make-up and costume. That left me with 10 – 20 seconds to get a few frames clean of all these elements I could not have in the photo. Add to that, the director coming up and giving direction notes to Cress, while I was trying to get his attention to get a particular look from him that I needed. The production team’s clock was ticking on completing the night’s work - and that was their priority. So the Still photographer has to make the best images under very difficult situations.

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