Film, Television & Media Academy 2018!

When: Fall 2018

Locations: Duluth, Ga

Cost: $195 for 5 Saturdays, 10am-noon (or 3 Payments of $65)

Ages: 6th to 12th graders


The Artist Spotlight Experience is a “hands-on” series of weekend workshops geared at middle school and high school students looking to learn more about careers in creative design, film, animation, broadcasting and other areas of the media.

By bringing students into a cinematic world complete with industry-grade equipment, and renowned, talented instructors, we will provide a unique, unforgettable learning experience that will prepare your children to successfully face obstacles, shape their character, build new skills and reinforce their confidence and ability to socialize with different people in an exciting, fun-packed environment.


 At Artist Spotlight, we collaborate with our local film, gaming, animation and corporate community in an effort to give our students unforgettable experiences and invaluable knowledge to shape their future.

We strive to provide interactive, educational platforms to connect professionals  with the next generation of storytellers and creative artists,  to broaden their knowledge of the many different career paths that are in high demand due to our industry’s growth.


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“Georgia’s TV and Film Industry now brings in $7 Billion a year, fueled by smart incentives”  — ADWeek

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“It’s growth that has skyrocketed the metro area into a top three film hub along with New York and Los Angeles” — The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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“There’s never been a better time in the history of the entertainment industry to be a maker of content” — Frank Patterson, president of Pinewood Atlanta Studios