The Artist Spotlight Summer Camp Registration opens February 2nd


Artist Spotlight Experience-Summer Camp 2019!

The Artist Spotlight Experience is our brand of summer workshops geared at students looking to learn more about careers in creative design, film, animation, broadcasting and other areas of the media.

By bringing students into a cinematic world complete with industry-grade equipment, and renowned, talented instructors. We will provide a unique, unforgettable learning experience that will prepare your children to successfully face obstacles, shape their character, build new skills and reinforce their confidence in an exciting, fun-packed environment.


Get Involved!

“There’s never been a better time in the history of the entertainment industry to be a maker of content” — Frank Patterson, president of Pinewood Atlanta Studios—

Some of Our Past Instructors


Guy D'Alema is an Atlanta based based Motion Picture/Television Still and Gallery Photographer. You can see Guy's work on press and promotional footage from shows such as "Black Lightning", "The Resident" and the Emmy-Winning show "Atlanta" among many others.


With over 10 years of scoring experience, Matthew has found much success in the realms of film and media. His composition credits include numerous scores for movies, documentaries, and even commercials.  In 2016, Matthew was called on to produce the music for the scripted drama television series, Greenleaf produced by Oprah Winfrey, Clement Virgo, and Lionsgate Television.