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It began with a vision...With over 10 years of professional experience in the music, radio and tech industry, Morris "Mo'Betta" Lucas wanted to equip up-and-coming talent with the tools and opportunities they needed to take their careers to the next level.

MO'BETTA ENTERTAINMENT was designed to be a place where creatives from all facets of the industry can come together to collaborate, network, and hone their skills. Whether you’re an actor, web designer, songwriter, make-up artist, choreographer, playwright, audio engineer, video game designer, or just someone with a knack for doodling, this place is for you.

By becoming a member of the MO'BETTA community, you are given access to tons of exclusive content - workshops, how-to videos, contests, interviews with professionals, industry secrets, and more. Our purpose in this to create opportunities for our community to grow their talents, to form partnerships with fellow artists, and to be discovered. As an extension of this purpose, we launched our "Artist Spotlight".


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